CM, a leading innovator in the closet parts manufacturing industry, is thrilled to share a significant advancement in closet parts and solutions.
CM Rafix Connectors are set to improve the way closet panels are assembled, enhancing both the look and functionality of the design.

Rafix Connectors improve closet design and ease of assembly, offering seamless panel connections that eliminate holes and screws. These connectors not only enhance the visual appeal of closets but also streamline the installation process, saving time and reducing complexity.

Benefits of Rafix Connectors Seamless Solution:

Seamless Fastening: Rafix Connectors are designed to be completely concealed within the panels, leaving no visible hardware or holes on the surface. This creates a clean and flush look, ideal for modern closet designs.

Quality and Stability: Despite the sleek appearance, Rafix Connectors provide exceptional stability and durability. This ensures the structure remains durable and long lasting, even in public areas.

Multiple Applications: Rafix Connectors are compatible with a several types of materials, including wood, laminate, and particleboard. This makes them suitable for various closet designs and configurations.

Simple Installation: These Connectors are designed for ease of installation, simplifying the process for installers and reducing errors of assembly.

Customize: Closet makers and designers will appreciate the flexibility of Rafix Connectors. This panel connector solution allows for easy assembly and configuration of closet components.

Bravo Closet

“As a closet maker, I’m always looking for products that improve the functionality of closet systems but also enhance the appearance. Rafix Connectors from CM have truly impressed me with their seamless panel connectivity. The closets I build now have a clean look that my customers absolutely love.”

This innovative to Closet Manufacturer’s product line shows their commitment to delivering top-quality closet components for designers, builders, and homeowners.
CM Rafix Connectors offer the perfect blend of form and function. Closets not only serve as efficient storage solutions but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of living spaces.

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About Closet Manufacturer:

CM, a manufacturer of closet parts and accessories, committed to providing high quality solutions for closet design and installation. With a dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, CM continues to set industry standards and empower professionals to create functional and stylish closet systems. CM does not claim to be the inventor of the rafix connector but a brand of durable and quality connectors at wholesale prices.