Metal Pin Shelf Support Bulk Price 5 Cents Each 200 ct



Metal Pin Shelf Support Bulk Price 5 Cents Each 200 ct. Durable and Concealed shelf pins hold the shelf tight in place with a groove in the undermount of the shelf. Great for Closet or kitchen shelves. We offer several type of shelf pins for closets but these pins are the latest rage. Customers love that they are concealed and hold the shelf from moving when nestled in the groove. Great for children’s closets so shelves stay in place. See more closet shelf pin options in our store. We offer Factory direct pricing and competitor price matching. We can’t be beat! Visit our homepage for more B2B services of CNC panel processing and kitchen cabinet manufacturing. Located in Pompano Beach FL we offer shipping and pick up for all our items and services. Contact us with any questions.

Metal Pin Shelf Support

Metal Pin Shelf Support

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in


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